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Charlotte J.

she/her • majoring in Computer Science and Dance • class of 2022


When evaluating whether a mentor would be a good match for your student keep in mind that the greatest leading indicator of success is how well a mentor and their mentee get along.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Would the student find this person inspiring?
  • Do they share any interests, hobbies, or lived experiences?


2019 - 2022 • Northwestern UniversityEvanston, Illinois
2014 - 2018 • Riverdale Country SchoolBronx, New York
I’ve been a Curious Cardinals mentor since October 2021I am passionate about mentoring students in the areas of Literature, Current Events, Computer Science & Coding, Machine Learning & AI, Theater, Web Development, Creative Writing, Philosophy, Sustainability, Psychology, Women & Gender Studies, Marketing, Game Design, Robotics & Electronics, Cooking, and Spanish.

Charlotte J. (IN A NUTSHELL)

Charlotte recently graduated from Northwestern University, where she double majored in Computer Science and Dance with a minor in English Literature and received her master's in Computer Science with a concentration in Human Computer Interaction (HCI). Charlotte led the Peer Tutoring Program at Riverdale Country School and was a Teacher's Assistant & Peer Mentor for the Computer Science Department during her time at Northwestern where she held office hours, taught weekly tutorial sessions and mentored her amazing students! She also received the Peter and Adrienne Barris Service Award for excellence in teaching! Specifically interested in Human Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, and App Development, she is a proud member of WiC (Women in Computing) where she promotes her fellow Women in STEM. She sees CS as an intersection of logic and creativity —a fusion of math, puzzles, and art. Fluent in Spanish, Char also studied ethics, international policy, Arabic, and Mandarin in D.C. at the School for Ethics and Global Leadership. She has continued her studies with the school as a guest speaker in Shakespeare as well as a mentee of Carl Wilkens in Rwanda. Her biggest passion project is founding Mission S.P.A. (Sanitary Product Awareness), a non-profit that collects and donates sanitary products to local NYC shelters along with schools in Nepal. When Charlotte is not computing, dancing, or advocating for gender equity worldwide, she is training for triathlons, watching House, and cooking vegan pasta. Her eclectic academic interests match her enthusiastic, warm, and individualized approach to teaching, mentoring, tutoring, and learning.

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Our mentorship sessions happen virtually over Zoom. It’s important to get a sense of how someone’s personality can come through on a video call. The best way to ensure your student is excited about learning is to have someone on the other side that they look forward to talking to.

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I was so honored to have received the Adrianne and Barris Award for excellence in teaching as a TA at Northwestern in the Computer Science Department! The moment a topic clicks for students is pure JOY!


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Why does mentorship matter to you?

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Meryl Streep.

What’s something you’ve taught a student at CC that you’re proud of/want to teach more students?