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Franck T.

He/him • majoring in Computer Science • class of 2024


When evaluating whether a mentor would be a good match for your student keep in mind that the greatest leading indicator of success is how well a mentor and their mentee get along.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Would the student find this person inspiring?
  • Do they share any interests, hobbies, or lived experiences?


2020 - 2024 • Duke UniversityDurham, North Carolina
2016 - 2020 • DuPont Manual High SchoolLouisville, Kentucky
I’ve been a Curious Cardinals mentor since January 2023I am passionate about mentoring students in the areas of Computer Science & Coding, K-6 Grade Math, Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Algebra I, Business, and Entrepreneurship.


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

Hello! My name is Franck Temgoua, and I am an African American student at Duke University pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, with a minor in Finance. 

I love learning about the world through community, technology, and innovation. As a small town kid from Louisville, KY, I am always thinking, “what interactions and perceptions made me/them/us think this way?”. I believe the power of knowledge is not about the output itself, but the system of thought and patterns that produces an output. This allows me to use different patterns of knowledge to innovate something unique! I wanted to use this idea to explore computer science in college, where I am steadily gaining proficiency in C ANSII coding.

In addition to my studies, I am very active in community structured organizations. I had spent my freshman and sophomore year founding Bull Dreams Collide, a production platform for inspiring artists and media collaborators which has driven over 5 thousand dollars in sales to date.  Artists/collaborators/enthusiasts are able to join a team of “Bull Dreamers” who understand the world of clothing and media production, and create an item that makes a commentary on any observations they have of the current world. 

I am a part of 2 great minority-based organizations (one led entirely by students) that focus on developing leaders in propelling change throughout financial institutions, communities, and nations. 

I also love sports and reading, playing club soccer for Duke, and spent this past semester reading Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations. 

Despite being a full-time student, I have been able to balance my academic, extracurricular, and professional commitments. I have a strong work ethic, and am committed to achieving dedicated goals. As a minority, I understand and take pride in the value that my progress holds towards the next generation. After graduation, I plan on working for McKinsey full time!

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Our mentorship sessions happen virtually over Zoom. It’s important to get a sense of how someone’s personality can come through on a video call. The best way to ensure your student is excited about learning is to have someone on the other side that they look forward to talking to.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Why did you choose your major?

What advice would you give your middle or high school self?

Who is your greatest role model/mentor?