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Jade F.

She/her • majoring in Cognitive Science • class of 2024


When evaluating whether a mentor would be a good match for your student keep in mind that the greatest leading indicator of success is how well a mentor and their mentee get along.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Would the student find this person inspiring?
  • Do they share any interests, hobbies, or lived experiences?


2021 - 2024 • University of Southern CaliforniaLos Angeles, California
2017 - 2021 • D'Evelyn Jr-Sr High SchoolDenver, Colorado
I’ve been a Curious Cardinals mentor since August 2022I am passionate about mentoring students in the areas of Drawing & Painting, Graphic Design, Entrepreneurship, Product Design, and Business.


Jade is happy to call sunny Los Angeles her home as a student at the University of Southern California. Majoring in cognitive science, she is interested in understanding how people perceive and interact with the world, especially through a visual/sensory lenses. As a design lead for one of USC's top entrepreneurship orgs, a web designer, and artist on the side, Jade finds many outlets to channel her interdisciplinary passions for art, design, and education. She has taught painting workshops for students at SDSU, collaborated with brands such as Etchr Lab and Arteza, as well as created her own brand, Maie Studio. Jade believes that fostering engaging, action-based learning communities is essential to creating passionate builders of the future. In her free time, you can probably find Jade trying something new, whether that be sketching, arranging bouquets from the LA Flower Market, baking a new concoction, going for boba, or picking up a passion project.