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Matthew M.

He/Him • majoring in Radio, Television, Film (RTVF), Business Institutions • class of 2025


When evaluating whether a mentor would be a good match for your student keep in mind that the greatest leading indicator of success is how well a mentor and their mentee get along.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Would the student find this person inspiring?
  • Do they share any interests, hobbies, or lived experiences?


2007 - 2021 • The Kinkaid SchoolHouston, TX
2021 - 2025 • Northwestern UniversityEvanston, Illinois
I’ve been a Curious Cardinals mentor since August 2023I am passionate about mentoring students in the areas of Film, Video Production, Creative Writing, Theater, Business, Marketing, Current Events, Academic Coaching, Executive Function, College Essay Writing, Literature, Literary Analysis, Essay Writing, and Reading Comprehension.

Matthew M. (IN A NUTSHELL)

Hey! My name is Matthew, and I'm a film and business student at Northwestern University— originally from Houston, Texas. I knew I had to work in Hollywood ever since I saw Game of Thrones in high school, and haven't looked back since!

I started shooting videos in my eighth grade "TV" class, and learned the basics of screenwriting, shot listing, cinematography, sound recording, editing, and directing in high school (I even did some acting too!). It's my passion to guide others through this same introductory stage, plus all of the tips from college that I wish I knew when I started. I'm grateful to have been apart of the 2021 All American High School Film Festival Official Selection for my short film, Midnight Snack.

At Northwestern, my organizational skills, self-discipline, and attention to detail have led me to the business side of filmmaking. I'm proud to have produced the feature length film MIXED SIGNALS with the student-run production company Applause for a Cause, and to be the Co-President of Northwestern's oldest student-run production company, Studio 22. It's my dream to work on the same projects that inspired me at a talent agency, production company, or media company later in my career.

Otherwise, I'm passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, self-improvement, growth mindset, reading, absolutely any HBO original series, and Texas BBQ! In my free time you can find me lifting weights, scrolling through Yelp, catching up on industry news, and counting down the days until George R.R. Martin releases The Winds of Winter— I need my signed copy!

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Our mentorship sessions happen virtually over Zoom. It’s important to get a sense of how someone’s personality can come through on a video call. The best way to ensure your student is excited about learning is to have someone on the other side that they look forward to talking to.

GamerNorthwestern University II


I made a feature length movie with my friends in college, and organized the premiere at our local AMC. It took us a whole year to go from script-selection to screening, but at the end we sold out the theater, and simultaneously raised over $3000 for a local beneficiary called 826 Chicago!


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