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Timi A.


When evaluating whether a mentor would be a good match for your student keep in mind that the greatest leading indicator of success is how well a mentor and their mentee get along.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Would the student find this person inspiring?
  • Do they share any interests, hobbies, or lived experiences?


- Present • Stanford UniversityStanford, California
I’ve been a Curious Cardinals mentor since January 2022I am passionate about mentoring students in the areas of Graphic Design, Fashion, Architecture, Entrepreneurship, Creative Writing, Global Health, Cosmetics, Medicine & Health, Personal Finance, and Business.


Timi is pursuing a major in Symbolic Systems (concentration in bio design and healthcare) with a minor in Civil Engineering Architecture at Stanford University. She grew up in the southwest attending Albuquerque Academy. In high school, Timi was a three-time high jump state champion and school record holder, co-president of the student senate, and recipient of the senior Academy Award. She spent much of her high school career taking AP science classes, working in research labs at the University of New Mexico, and shadowing dermatologists. At Stanford, Timi is the President of Stanford FashionX and the Vice President of recruitment for Stanford Women in Business. She has had work experience with small tech startups and recently worked for Amyris Biotechnology to launch their consumer brand JVN Hair. Currently, she is an intern at Indigo Venture Lab for Mental Health and Inner-Transformation. In her free time, she loves going to the movies, reading books, watching vintage runway clips, and designing furniture.